We Were

By Sara Aslagson-Sahar



We were sunshine in a raining land

Three birthday dances instead of one

We were adventures and long drives to new sights

Bowling predilection and Doctor Who introductions


Partnership in music videos turned into kisses in clubs

They told us it wouldn’t last and we thought we could prove them wrong

But I was gone

And you were there


And when it was nearing the end I thought it was all you:

You wouldn’t talk to me,

You didn’t tell me about your friends,

You deserted me and let our fairytale end.


But it was me too.


You once said one chance that’s it,

And rather than commit a leap of faith

I found reasons to push you away

I told you secrets, but not my truth,


I told you with certainty that I was sharing the whole of me

I was convinced I was an open book waiting to be read

If you would only pick me up

And turn the page.


What I didn’t know is that I was the library at Hogwarts

So many open spaces, so many books to be read

But still that restricted section

Where the deepest and darkest magic lies and you need permission to get in


And I hid those slips long ago

And you did not have an invisibility cloak

And why would you

You didn’t even know that section existed


For neither did I.


Only looking back can I see the true faults of you and me.

The fact that it was a we that made up the team

Both of us contributed

Both of us paved that road,


Our plans and dreams and aspirations could not withstand the desperation of daily life.


We were a house of cards in a wind tunnel

One desperate kiss in an airport

We were strained silence and a desire to be right

Unwavering knowledge delivered in a rotted bow.


The team that didn’t make it,

No trophy for us,

Go home.


writer from USA

work of artist Gitta Pardoel

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