The Set up

Ali Rashid


Translated by: Saleh Razzouk

and Scott Minar



Leave me O pain


The world is spinning around me like a naked ear of wheat


Like a field that cannot reach its vintages


While I am wavering with my alienation amulets at what remained of


The impossible


Wishing for a time to pose with my remorse in place.




Beware O suffrage of waxing her closed doors with




Of burning this deposit of idleness in the ruins


Of her eyes,


Or of a goblin that grew in her pale silence,


This sticky silence is the desperate distance between the dream,


And songs mixed with halted breaths,


Between her thin hand, and the draped evening like damp loaves


Mixed with saffron.



Saleh Razzouk  , ssistant prof. at The University of Aleppo (Syrai)


                       Scott Minar is a writer, literary critic, editor, and musician from USA



work of artist Ali Rashid




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