Born in Basrah, Iraq 1957, Hashim Hannon Graduated from institute of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1979.He received his Bachelor of Sculpture/College of Fine Arts-Baghdad in 1999 and is a Member of Iraqi Artistic Forming Assembly and the Babylon Assembly of French Arts.

Hashim Hannoon

Born in Basrah, Iraq 1957.

1979:Graduated from institute of Fine Arts-Baghdad.

1999:Bachelor of Sculpture/College of Fine Arts-Baghdad.

Member of Iraqi Artistic Forming Assembly.

Member of Babylon Assembly of French Arts.


Personal Exhibitions:

1990:Al Ruwaq Art Gallery-Baghdad

1993:Saddam Center for Arts-Baghdad

1995:Hewar Art Gallery-Baghdad

1998:Dijlah Gallery-Baghdad

1999:Dar Al Anda-Amman

2001:Dar Al Anda-Amman

2002:Orfali Gallery-Amman



1979:Biennially Exhibition IV of Kuwait

1985:Youths' Exhibition I-Baghdad

1987:Youths' Exhibition II-Baghdad

1988:Bienially Art International Exhibition II of Asian and European States   Ankara/Turkey

1988:Baghdad International Biennially Exhibition II

1989:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition Sana'a/Eden (Yemen)

1990:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition Sharjah (UAE)

1991:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition-Amman

1992:Ten Artists Exhibition-Al Umara Club/Baghdad

1993:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition-Italy

1995:Graphic Iraqi Exhibition-Hewar Art Gallery-Baghdad

1996:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition/Hewar Art Gallery-Baghdad & Athar Art Gallery-Baghdad

1996:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition-Tunis

1996:Participation in (International Austrian Biennially)

1997:Iraqi Contemporary Art Exhibition/Royal Cultural Center-Amman

1999:Cairo Biennially for Graphic Art-Cairo


Rewards And Certificates:

1979:Golden Sail Reward (Biennially IV-Kuwait)

1987:Intrnational Drawing Golden Reward of Fa'ik Hassan III Youth-Exhibition

1989:Medal of Iraqis' Artists' Union, with the Appreciative Certificate

1990:Appreciation Certificate from United Arab Emirates/ Sharjah

1994:Characteristic Medal, with the Appreciating Certification I Educational    Essemblization in Iraq

1996:The I reward of Ismail Fattah Al Turk, with the Appreciated Certification  in Drawing/Hewar Art Gallery-Baghdad

1998:First Prize/Babylon International Festival


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