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Culture of Terrorism

Julia Kapuśniak*

The 20th and the 21st centuries brought to the history many conflicts of political, economical and military background which were, and until  this day are involving almost every country in the world. Whereas, the Old Continent is struggling with many issues within the European Union like political differences between its members and heads of the European Parliament as well as the crisis concerning refugees from Syria and other Third World nations but the biggest problem is the world flooded with terrorist attacks. Terrorism is one of the gravest problems of the world nowadays but what are the root causes of this phenomenon.

First of all,  nations that differ in religion are more likely to fight than those that share the same religion. Democracy is declared as un-islamic by all ideologues of Islamic terrorism. Even though, religion might not be the main cause for terrorism, it  does play a significant role in driving some forms of it. Moreover, religion is an easy means  to manipulate people’s minds that is why suicide bombers are likely to participate in such tactics which are very difficult to defend.

Secondly, the social and economical status of some Middle Eastern countries such as, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan forbids its citizens of  living the lifestyle the citizens of the First World countries live which opens the door to frustration and disagreement. Frustration makes it easier to step into a terrorist organization.

Finally, the racial discrimination, which is widely present,  may cause the division between citizens and  lead to terrorism. As the media present, many young citizens of muslim background from England, France and different developed European countries  are traveling to the countries of their origin to join terrorist organisations such as, Isis. The reasons of their frustration seems obvious while discrimination still develops.

In conclusion, there are many causes of terrorism all over the world such as, religious differences, social and economical matters, and racial discrimination. But none of them is one main cause of terrorism which is more complex and these days is getting very hard to figh with.

*Polish translator and MA student at Middlesex univeristy of Dubai. she teaches English at nursaries of UAE.