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Issue 2020 of   The Bridge Literary And Art  journal

Ila magazine

The Bridge Literary and Art Journal is published by The Bridge Literary Arts Center, which is supported by the non-profit Franklin Arts Council. The Bridge Literary Arts Center was established in 2013 and holds writing workshops, readings, and collaborative events with musicians and visual artists. For submission and other information please visit our website: and on Facebook.

The editor introduced this issue by note saying:

In our first three journals, we were honored to represent a wide range of writers and artists from our region of western PA. With our fourth issue, we are including contributors from outside our “borders.” We never inhabit just one place. Bridges: from the Nebraska Bridge in Forest County to the DMZ. A fiction writer from Aleppo, Syria writing about characters attempting to cross a military zone and a nonfiction writer from Clarion writing about watching children at the US southern border die attempting to cross from one country to another. Bridges of time: a one room schoolhouse from 1910. A reminiscence about trying to make it to Woodstock. Bridges from this world to another: a cemetery in Franklin, PA, a poet mourning her recently passed Abba. Bridges of beauty: a field of August lace, grapes on the vine.

Among the many titles included in the issue you read: Hello: poem by Barb Rumore, The Meadow Lark Sings in the Morning: poem by Herbert Luthin, swallow: poem by Patricia Thrushart.

Found a Peanut: story by Susette Jolley, Big House Ceremony: story byJess Weible, Flash Lamps: story by Saleh Razzouk(translated from the Arabic by the author with Scott Minar), MUD, BLOOD, MUSIC, OH MY!, story by:Marcia Blair.

The word editor of the journal is Philip Terman, the art editor is Keith Hileman.