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Translated from Romanian by : Muguraș Maria Vnuck and David Paul Vnuck

Our Lord enshrined in heaven

Piously I pray to Thee

Keep my torch endlessly burning

For those days You will grant me.

We haveon everything  Earth

Happiness, and needs, and tempests

Please divide them to Thy wishes

Crazy stars and evil spirits.

Give to some the envied silver

’Cause they wear red-waist sashes

Chase away the saints from others

Rolling fathers in their graves.

Loaves of bread grow white and big

Our Earth will bear them

’Cause we don’t know which of us

Will be bound enchained tomorrow.

I beg Thee, since you are mighty,

To fulfill my wish in wonder

And by Your pious body

Lead us all to Your prayer.

Filled with peace and hallelujah

Wash all our ancient sins,

Downward in an endless void

Divine Father, we all thank You.

1965, Romania

GEORGE FILIP   born in Tuzla village, Constanța County, Romania on the shore of Black Sea. he has  always been under the vigilant eye of the Romanian Secret Police.  He put himself under the protection of the American Embassy in Bucharest. he moved then to Austria, Germany, and France. In the autumn of 1982 he arrived in Montreal, Canada. He has published more than 50 volumes of poetry and prose.

* Romanian poet lives in Canada.

** Romanian translators live in USA.