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Boat of words

Furat Esbir

The roses steal all saliva from my mouth

My tongue is dead

while I was on the floor crying

I was reminded of the life I had been through

On the doors of memory

Between the clear and the rain    

I saw my self  

going into deep air

writing poetry, crying,

making a boat of words and sailing.

* Syrian poet and researcher interested in feminist issues and child psychology, based in New Zealand. She has published number of poetry collections including: Like water, Impossible to Break (AT Takween Publishing House 2004), The Trick of the Ambiguous (AT Takween Piblishing House 2006), The Naked Flower of the Mountains (Bidayat Publishing House ,2009), A Walk between Heaven and Earth (Bidayat Publishing House, 2011), Under the Tree of Buddha (Al-Arab Press, 2020).  She also wrote a book on children’s psychology, which is under publication.