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No doubt that Corona is a drastic turn in the modern history of humanity. Its scary widespread helped to split the history into before and after. Even its hand corrupted our world bringing more social, political and economical changes in no time. You can say so on the relationships between groups and individuals. How do you interpret this? Any particular effects on your habits and work? Negative or positive?!!.

Do you think the response of every body is the same. And what about your future plans for new work. Is it a reflection on corona, direct and indirect, or you have more valuable preoccupations?..

we asked handful of artists and writers these questions. bellow are their responses in alphabatical order.

Rusudan Khizanishvili

As almost all artists I am mostly introvert and working on daily basis at my studio, in these times of course I keep working , yet fortunately I haven’t been interrupted because my studio is right next to my house.

Just feeling uncomfortable for I cannot see anyone except my family but this is some thing I can stand.

These circumstances of course made a huge influence on everything I am doing, but this situation for me as for any creator is rather interesting, it motivated me to start a series of paintings i used to help in looking at myself, and to check how I am frightened, like one reads in a book about the inner self .. the rebellious and amazed.

So this position is absolutely positively effected my work.

Painter from Georgia