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Ali Rashid*

1-We'll say goodbye

While our eyes are wet with dreams that raced us to bed and sleep,

And to drink its coffees in our absence.


We'll say goodbye

While counting up cold years

Peeling what remained of them.


We'll say goodbye

Getting out of last evening

Accompanied with a handful of sticky wishes, and glasses we had not touched yet.

Just to receive tomorrow over and over again.


We'll say goodbye

While no space is left to turn time idle with forgetfulness.

2- Merry Christmas

Your feet could be waxed while looking for sanctuary that is not yours

You may change tight countries for a refrigerator to preserve in your years from


I have nothing to say to you but

Merry Christmas

Though the hand that is over your shoulder is heavier

Than life itself.

3- The Enemy

I stretch out my hand toward my enemy to shake his

I sing a song he repeats every morning with a hoarse voice

I count up with him my losses

Sharing with him the cries of the dead,

But in the evening I have to wait with him who had returned from wars

Grouping them in equal numbers at random

For a nostalgic hug.

Translated by : Saleh Razzouk  (with Scott Minar)

*poet and painter from Iraq.