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No doubt that Corona is a drastic turn in the modern history of humanity. Its scary widespread helped to split the history into before and after. Even its hand corrupted our world bringing more social, political and economical changes in no time. You can say so on the relationships between groups and individuals. How do you interpret this? Any particular effects on your habits and work? Negative or positive?!!.

Do you think the response of every body is the same. And what about your future plans for new work. Is it a reflection on corona, direct and indirect, or you have more valuable preoccupations?..

we asked handful of artists and writers these questions. bellow are their responses in alphabatical order.

Scott Minar

Writing during the pandemic is like placing one's hands on a stone wall: impassable with cold, rough textures and edges you feel with palms and fingers—the grit, the sand, the moisture...the hardness of it—but you know you must go on. Yet there is a wall. And the wall is inside of you. And outside of you. Both. The Buddhists said this first: Inside, outside—the same.

Would i write some time on the virus.

It's a good question, but my answer would be, No.

I have a line in a poem about some aspect of this. But remember that I write with with humor often—even if it is dark humor!

I thought once, "What does it matter if the end is universal? My end is universal to me." That struck me as quite funny, but at the same time liberating. Nature is indifferent to us, largely. But it is still beautiful. A philosopher I like once said that ""Death is our most intimate advisor." It can make us smarter, better, more kind and more calm too perhaps. I hope so.

COVID 19 is a tragedy. There are so many. But what can we do? It is the job of the living to live. My father-in-law was dying, on his death bed. And he looked at my wife and said, "Honey, go home. You look tired." I realized I wasn't watching him die, as people would normally say. I was watching him live --even in that moment, of all moments. I intend to live like he did, even until the last second, if I can.

poet, USA